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We have found the following english words and translations for "sitron":
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So, this is how you say "sitron" in english.
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Norwegian - English Dictionary
prins, positur, misbruk, lćre utenat, fremstille, helbredelse, det tror jeg ikke, bruker, sitt, å forvirre

English - Norwegian Dictionary
bluebird, vintage, bigamy, incite, manifestation, unfasten, windpipe, beemer, miscalculate, away

Swedish - English Dictionary
papp, falang, forskningscenter, nypa, japanska plommon, harkrank, svall, kaxig, fläck, förvisa

Norwegian - German Dictionary
slutt, telefonkiosk, grateng, mexico, stoff, spinat, hei, filter, setning, kjøtt

German - Norwegian Dictionary
parken, anzeige, terrasse, atem, schrägstrich, zwei, kehle, herkunft, lineal, genau

German - Swedish Dictionary
obers, mord, auspuffanlage, kantine, lupe, strich, verstauchung, menge, verbeugung, tiefstand

Swedish - German Dictionary
studier, snickare, hägn, tribunal, vi kan väl, miljöekonomi, riva, trodde, finnas, bordsbön

English - Swedish Dictionary
legal, hard, frode, hurt, roe, toothbrush, tonal, filthy, calligraphy, cruise
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