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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, chooses assyst to create a single global Service Desk, formalize internal IT processes and implement Service Catalog(PRWeb February 27, 2010)
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Russia’s commodities sector, though still important, is no longer the primary driver of Russian economic growth, Evgeny Novitsky, president of JSFC Sistema, said today in a London speech.
Speaking at the annual Russian Economic Forum (3/11/2013)
as domestic demand grows and even international sales of processed goods start to rise.
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Norwegian - English Dictionary
finlender, hjulbĺt, eder, banneord, verdenskrig, rævtørk, skive, krutt, oppslagsord, ball

English - Norwegian Dictionary
set, rooted, great-grandson, blog, eyes, nose, ballpark, mare, scar, public

Swedish - English Dictionary
skramla med, uppluckring, få att smälta, locka sig, träna upp, skapa intesse för, helt acceptabel, urglas, co, lägga på

Norwegian - German Dictionary
plan, mexico, teknisk, oppe, sint, seg, sart, lenk, hyppighet, å drønne

German - Norwegian Dictionary
not, atem, qualität, senf, fresse, klasse, wolkenkratzer, malerei, matschen, ungleichheit

German - Swedish Dictionary
pfad, schienenfahrzeug, eingetragen, klimawirkung, zubereiten, zwischenfall, versehen, schreien, bronzemedaille, aufgabeln

Swedish - German Dictionary
vitlök, tv-program, bifogat, skift, puss och kram, blodsugare, min, rolig, drag, holländska

English - Swedish Dictionary
attentive, priority, diligent, ascendent, none, bout, non-iron, heel, confidenceinspiring, eloquence
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